What Really Happened on 9/11? Hear from Director of Loose Change – Jason Bermas – 2008

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One of the creators from Loose Change 9/11 will share how over two years of research took what started out as a Fictional Story and turned it into a Documentary. Loose Change has become the most watched internet documentary about 9/11. At video.google.com, the number one watched DVDs are almost exclusively short video clips which are under 5 minutes long. Each time that the updated version of Loose Change has come out, the new version of Loose Change has become the number one watched video on video.google.com. “‘Loose Change Final Cut’ is the third and final release of the documentary, drawing upon our experience and research since the release of Loose Change 2nd Edition being revised for the third time”. Watch the newest edition of Loose Change for FREE here and then come and hear, in person the latest information on 9/11 while the film “Loose Change Final Cut” is in it’s final stages of production LooseChange911.com
Recorded at Freedom Law School’s 2008 Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference

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