U.S. Constitution & Income Tax – Tom Cryer – 2009

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 Presented by Constitutional Attorney, Tom Cryer, who personally beat the IRS in court.


 A unanimous jury of 12 citizens on July 11, 2007 found Tom Cryer not guilty of “willful failure” to file income tax return charges. Learn why the IRS failed to show the jury the law that requires Americans to file and pay an income tax.

Freedom lawyer Tom Cryer will reveal:
• The strategy used in his trial and the IRS’ dirty tricks.
• The Constitutional limits of the Federal Government’s taxing powers.
• New plan to get rid of the IRS corruption that all
• Americans can participate in.

You will also learn how to:
• Have confidence when confronted by the IRS.
• Avoid the most common mistakes when dealing with the IRS.
• Take steps to beat the IRS.

Recorded at Freedom Law School’s 2009 Health & Freedom Conference

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