Is the Income Tax based on Fraud? – Joe Banister – 2008

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Mr. Banister was a Certified Public Accountant who went to work for the IRS as a Special Agent of the Criminal Investigation Division, specializing in Fraud Detection as a fraud expert. Mr. Banister traveled frequently to Washington D.C. to debate the government representatives, about the legality of the Federal Income Tax. Mr. Banister will share the reasons that he quit the IRS after they had failed to show him any law that requires American citizens to file returns or pay income taxes.


In addition, in 2004 the IRS criminally charged Mr. Banister with several “tax crimes” to put an end to whistle-blowing activities. However, the jury found Mr. Banister innocent of all charges. Come and hear how this living American hero of the people has stood up to the criminal organization known as the IRS. Please visit Mr. Banister’s web site at
Recorded at Freedom Law School’s 2008 Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference

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