How to Prosper in the Upcoming Hard Times – Peymon Mottahedeh – 2008

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  • Do you wonder how the Federal Reserve Banking System (FED) really works?
  • Do you know how things such as irresponsible Federal Budget Deficits, the huge National Trade Deficit, Interest Rates, Inflation, Unemployment, rise and fall in stocks, real estate, gold and dollar relate and create each other?
  • Do you want to know how the New World Order Policies of the the Federal Government and Internet Technology affect the welfare of American citizens?
  • Do you want to know how all of these factors affect our country, your business, job security, investments and family?
  • Do you know that we are in the early stages of a severe stagflation, where high unemployment and recession will combine with inflation at the same time as we had in the 1970s? This time it will be worse!
  • This is what Presidential Candiate, Dr., Congressman Ron Paul has been talking about and the banker controlled Establishemnt Media wants to ignore.
  • Given all of the above, do you want to know what investments you should avoid and which investments you should seek to prosper?
  • Do you want to know what kind of careers, businesses ventures and opportunities to avoid and which ones to get into?
  • Do you want to know how to secure your family’s financial security and how to prosper during the upcoming financial hard times?
  • If you answered yes to any of the above, then this seminar is for you.
Your instructor Peymon Mottahedeh, had his formal higher education in Economics & Finance before practicing as a Financial Planner for over 6 years. Thereafter, he further studied the Federal Reserve Banking System from the freedom seeker/ patriot standpoint and learned things that his economics classes had not taught him.


Mr. Mottahedeh by combining his formal economic education, practical financial planning/investment experience and freedom seeker/patriot understanding of the FED has learned how the Monetary system, irresponsible Governmental budget and trade policies affect our economy, jobs, investments, business and families.

You will learn why America is at the very least headed for a hard Stagflation (recession in which high unemployment, high interest rates and high bankruptcies combine with high inflation at the same time) AND AT WORST A GREAT DEPRESSION, LIKE THE ONE WE HAD IN THE 1930’S, EXCEPT THAT THIS TIME WE WILL HAVE HIGH INFLATION AT THE SAME TIME.

This could very likely be the major crisis that will destroy the dollar and bring the creation of Amero, which will be the new money of the Noth America (Canada, USA and Mexico). The Great Depression of the 1930’s was the excuse for the Government and Banksters (Bankers) to steal American People’s gold and to take American off of the gold standard.

This coming Great Stagflation will likewise be the excuse to merge the currencies of all North American Countries in the Amero, which will not solve the plight (hard times) of the American People, but will bring greater profits and control for the International Banksters (Bankers) toward their ultimate goal of One World Money and One World Government.

Mr. Mottahedeh will share with you not only how “”the system works”” but also how to take advantage of the opportunities that the system creates. Some industries and type of jobs will be devastated with high bankruptices and massive layoffs, while some industries will prosper and hire more people.

Some parts of the United States will be devastated economically, while others will weather the storm quite fine. Many investments will be big loosers, while others will be quite profitable. Which industries, parts of USA and investments will do good and bad? come to this informative and empowering seminar to get the answers; answers that will make sense and you will be able to use the information immediately.  

Recorded at Freedom Law School’s 2008 Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference

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