Can You Live FREE of IRS Fear and Tyranny? – Peymon Mottahedeh – 2010

Peymon Mottahedeh
President and Founder of Freedom Law School is an Iranian, Jewish-born Immigrant, now an American Citizen, who despite having a four year University Degree, found himself ignorant of his rights as an American Citizen. Peymon decided to educate and empower himself by seeking this knowledge. Peymon’s self-study of the law lead him to create Freedom Law School in 1996 so that he could assist others in living a FREE life. Peymon will share how YOU can live FREE of IRS harassment and robbery NOW with knowledge, preparation and support and join with others to take back America from the clutches of the big banks, corporations and their politicians!
Recorded at Freedom Law School’s Take Back America 2010 Health & Freedom Conference

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