You’re about to learn secrets that the general public will never know about freedom and wealth.

Have you ever wondered how you can live free from government harassment while accumulating wealth all at the same time? 

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The state of American affairs is shifing rapidly. Everyday we are learning about some new law that looks to abridge our freedoms. Everyday we learn about a new tragedy that the major media glamourizes in order to cover up the real issues affecting Americans everyday. Everyday we have Americans out of work because Wall Street seeks to pad their pockets while corrupt politicians keep them in business by working side by side to protect them. This needs to stop!
Whether you’re looking to actively stop government corruption, educate yourself, or simply spread the word to friends and family, then you’re in the right place. The videos here will open your eyes to a wealth of knowledge that will show you that we are not fully informed, and that we are not living free!
Freedom Law School’s Freedom Rallies are the pinnacle of freedom events in the United States. No other Rally embodies the diversity of enlightened veterans in the freedom movement with young up and comers who embrace our new social, political, and media landscape. No other Rally takes speakers ranging from media bias, to government cover-ups, to our economic collapse, to empowering your county sheriff to start to live free. No other Rally in the country covers all of this and more!
We invite you to check out our videos below and get a 1 year access so you can educate yourself on:
  • Police and Judicial Corruption
  • Antiwar Liberty
  • The Constitution Kidnapped
  • The Economic Collapse of America
  • The Power of County Sheriffs
  • The Future of the Liberty Movement
  • …and many more topics!
Freedom Law School holds these events annually, and we are proud to say that our 2013 Rally was a complete success! By purchasing the videos you will also have access to our 2012 videos!
Our 2012 videos include:
  • Stopping mortgage fraud and home foreclosures
  • Reach prosperity in this Great Depression
  • Stop the FDA attack on food freedom
  • American Fascism in the 21st Century – how it’ll affect our liberty
  • …And much (much!) more
These recorded presentations are designed to give you a reliable and effective way to be free from government harassment and accumulate wealth at the same time. Hundreds of people have benefited by these speeches by learning the true way to accumulate freedom and wealth.
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